Eire Hide® is a natural veterinary ointment for all affected animal skin.

Eire Hide® incorporates a specific blend of botanical extracts whose properties include anti-inflammatory5,6 anti-oxidant1 and anti-bacterial4 behaviour to accompany accelerated healing of affected skin.1,2,3,6



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Copper Hawk

Eire Hide® is a formulated, soothing barrier ointment that can be applied to all affected animal skin.

Eire Hide® includes constituents that have been seen to accelerate healing of affected skin, minimise scarring and support hair regrowth.

Eire Hide® has been demonstrated to be acceptable to animals given that it is non-stinging and has a natural scent.

Eire Hide® is suitable for use on all animals, except those animals intended for food.


Eire Hide® incorporates the following botanical extracts:

i. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
ii. Figwort (Scrophularia nodosa)
iii. Common Plantain (Plantago Major)
iv. Pau D’Arco (Tabebuia Impetiginosa)
v. Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica)

Instructions for Use

How to use Eire Hide®

The following are meant as general guidelines: All animal owners should seek advice from their veterinary surgeon for the most appropriate treatment for their particular animal.

  • Wash hands prior to use and preferably use surgical gloves
  • Each tin should be limited for use on one animal only to reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Apply Eire Hide® liberally to the affected skin ensuring complete and smooth coverage
  • Typically Eire Hide® should be applied twice daily on dry skin and once daily on wet skin
  • Eire Hide® can be melted and applied by small brush and syringe

Please note Eire Hide® should not be used on animals intended for food.

There is a 7 day withdrawal period for animals competing in events.

A Cool, Dry Place

How to store Eire Hide®

The melting point for Eire Hide® is between 36° and 60°. In hot climates, Eire Hide® should be stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place.

Ordering Information

7000-100Eire Hide® Soothing Ointment for Animals100ml
7000-030Eire Hide® Soothing Ointment for Animals30ml


Eire Hide® is not a veterinary medicine which is subject to authorization by the Health Products Regulatory Authority.


Eire Hide® is not for use on animals intended for food.


Patent pending.

Eire Hide®

A blend of botanical extracts which have been seen to accompany accelerated healing of affected skin, minimise scarring and support hair regrowth.


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