Copper Hawk

Copper Hawk is an Irish company dedicated to improving animal health through the development of products made from natural sources.

Springing from their passion for animal welfare Mother and daughter, Quinn and Kit, set out to advance animal health. With this in mind, they decided to develop a soothing ointment that would be made from natural ingredients, be acceptable to animals and be applied to all affected skin.

The duo developed Eire Hide® in their home after an extensive period of research and development. The sixth prototype finally satisfied all their requirements and the following three years were spent evaluating and refining the formulation in preparation for phased launching in the global veterinary market.

Copper Hawk Ltd was subsequently founded to manage the production and commercialisation of Eire Hide®® with the aim of eventually making the product available to veterinary surgeons and animal owners worldwide. Eire Hide® is now manufactured in a ISO 13485 certified facility in Shannon, Ireland, and the company continues to develop products to advance animal health naturally.

″The Harp of Erin″ painting by Thomas Buchanan Read

A soothing ointment for animals made from natural ingredients

The modern Irish Éire evolved from the old Irish word Ériu which was the name of Gaelic Goddess Ériu – the matron goddess of the land & Ireland. We chose the name Éire Hide as a nod to our roots.


Our namesake Éire Hide is pronounced ‘Air’ Hide.